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Premium Class Bananas from Ecuador

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We guarantee sustainable production practices, quality & flavor

Social Responsability

We care about our people, the health of our employees and take care any risks associated within the work activity


Our brands are known as a trusted product. We offer quality and freshness.


Freshness & Flavor Guaranteed

Banandes S.A.

 We are committed

to providing consumers with a product that meets each of the market requirements it meets.

Our Company

We produce & export Ecuadorian bananas of premium quality

and reliable security. We rely on international policies and certifications that ensure healthy fruit for world

Proudly Ecuadorian

We are the banana country

We are located in the best area of the world, the Ecuadorian tropical climate ensures we have the best fruit every month of the year ready to be delivered around the globe

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Years of Experience
Countries Delivered

Our business is about quality and reliability

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We handle the whole process

We are an Ecuadorian company dedicated to cultivate, commercializing and exporting bananas and plantains worldwide. Our goal is to bring you the best fruit, always fresh, tasty and, ready to enjoy.

We Cultivate

Banandes operates under strict food-safety and quality management systems.


Our shipments are labeled and coded in order for the product, batch, and plantation can be easily identified at any time.

Our processes

and fruits harvested for you have the best quality certifications.

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